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Vertiia is designed and built in Australia by sustainable development aerospace company AMSL Aero. We are backed by some of Australia’s largest investors and super funds.


AMSL Aero is a home-grown Australian aerospace company, with headquarters in Bankstown, New South Wales and flight test facilities in regional New South Wales. The team at AMSL Aero comprises experts in aerospace design, flight test and manufacturing, and highly experienced business professionals from across the aviation sector.


AMSL Aero was founded by the duo Andrew Moore and Siobhan Lyndon, with a clear mission to manufacture a safe aircraft that will ease the burden of traffic congestion on people’s lives, give people more choice over where they can work and live, and most importantly, play a role in de-carbonising transport.

L to R: CEO Andrew Moore, Board Chair Chris Smallhorn, COO Siobhan Lyndon

CEO Andrew Moore is a qualified aeronautical engineer, pilot and the inventor of Vertiia. Andrew has over two decades experience in aerospace leadership roles across military and civil sectors.

COO Siobhan Lyndon holds degrees in law and business, and has extensive experience working with high profile brands in the technology, telecommunications and professional services sectors.

Board Chair Chris Smallhorn is a retired Navy Commodore and former Commander of the Navy’s Fleet Air Arm. Chris is adjunct associate professor at the University of Sydney’s Business School and is currently the Deputy Chair of the Board of Safe Skies Australia.

Andrew, Siobhan and Chris now strive to lead safety-based, sustainable and innovative excellence in the Australian aviation industry through the making of Vertiia.

Our headquarters are based at Bankstown Aerodrome in Sydney, Australia.


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